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How to work effectively on a group assignment

Group assignments don't have to be scary - we are here to offer some tips on how you can overcome the challenges.

Student blog: have an accent while speaking English? There’s no need to be afraid.

Student ambassador Yonas thinks international students shouldn't let their accents affect their confidence while studying abroad.

Student blog: 6 common myths about Brisbane, busted

Student ambassador Bibidh busted some common myths about Brisbane. Sorry to disappoint - you won't find kangaroos hopping around the inner city.

Student blog: My experience studying a postgraduate medical course in Brisbane

Studying a postgraduate degree means higher standards and more challenges. The education facilities, research resources and career opportunities in Brisbane can guide you along the way and help you succeed in your future career.

Student blog: what you can gain from studying in Brisbane

Student ambassador Rachel chose to study in Brisbane and it changed her life forever - she made lifelong friends, exposed herself to new ideas and gained exciting career opportunities.

10 iconic Aussie snacks you need to try while you’re studying in Brisbane

We treated five of our 2019 international student ambassadors with to some of the most iconic Australian snacks. While they had fun doing it, they weren’t on board with some of the items that most Australian kids wouldn’t hesitate to throw in a lunch box.

Student blog: what it's like to organise a multicultural event in Brisbane

Student ambassador Ardhia shared her experience organising Pesta Rakyat - one of the biggest Indonesian cultural festivals in Brisbane, and why it's a good opportunity to practice important skills.

Student blog: how to make the professional transition in the Australian workforce

Student ambassador Bruno shared his tips on how to make the seamless transition from an international student into a professional in the local workforce - it's important to say "Yes" to the right opportunities.

Student blog: We all struggle sometimes, and it’s ok to admit that

There's no denying that being an international student comes with a lot of difficulties. Student ambassador Yonas shared his own struggles and explained why it's ok to admit you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Student blog: tips on finding part time hospitality work while studying in Brisbane

A part time job is a great way to earn extra cash to support your study while adapting to life overseas and developing social networks. Student ambassador Sarah offered some great tips on finding work in the hospitality industry.