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Student blog: how translating movie subtitles led to the experience of a lifetime

Student ambassador Yanyan Hong shared her journey as a TED translator, and the reason why she's studying Communication of Social Change at The University of Queensland - her incredible passion for spreading ideas and building bridges across languages and cultures.

Student blog: 5 ways to experience Brisbane as a sports lover

As an avid sports lover, student ambassador Bibidh Subedi has some tips on how to stay active in Brisbane. From the major sporting events to unique local sporting experiences - there's something for everyone!

Brisbane’s multicultural events calendar

Take yourself on a cultural safari through Brisbane and experience our vibrant multicultural events calendar.

Student blog: 4 ways to overcome challenges and become a STAR achiever

Student ambassador Simon always remembers 4 keywords while facing any difficulties studying in Australia - self-confidence, target, ability and reliability.

Explore the scenic walking trails around Brisbane

Tired of studying all day? The national parks around Brisbane are full of scenic walking trails and rich wildlife. Bring your sneakers and start exploring!

What to do when you arrive in Brisbane

Former Brisbane International Student Ambassador Santiago Vargas shares his tips for international students arriving in Brisbane.

Student blog: how volunteering can help international students get jobs

Former Brisbane international student ambassador Ocean Cheung provided tips on volunteering work and how it helps international students build up local relationships and experience.

Brisbane's best multicultural restaurants

Is your heart aching for a taste of home? Maybe it’s time to ditch the campus cafeteria and treat your tastebuds to some familiar flavours.

Hit the books: the best spots to study around Brisbane

Why not take the opportunity to get out of your room and hit up some of Brisbane’s best study spots?

Brisbane's best student discounts

Think your student card entitlements are limited to checking out books at the library? Wrong! From cheap eats to rock climbing and comedy, we've found the city’s best student discounts