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22 Brisbane experiences to tick off your bucket list

Here for the semester? The year? Or two? However long you have, you should make the most of your time by experiencing the best of Australia right here in Brisbane.

Student blog: 5 tips to help international students find a job

Former student ambassador DJ offers up some tips to assist international students in their search for employment during and after their studies.

Student blog: what I gained from studying my degree in Brisbane

Former Student Ambassador Joy completed her postgraduate studies in Brisbane with a Distinction. She sees this as proof that her study abroad in Brisbane brought out the best in her.

Student blog: 4 highlights of my time studying in Brisbane

Former Student Ambassador Azka shares her highlights of studying in Brisbane, including the opportunities that came from being an international student in Brisbane.

Student blog: A student's guide to networking events

Whatever your career path is, making great connections by networking will impact you significantly along your journey. Here is a student guide to networking events, offering up tips for the students, by a student.

Study Story: Bao Khanh

Meet Bao Khanh from Vietnam. She shares her experience of studying in Brisbane, including her first impression of the city.

Student blog: 3 quick steps to improve your study habits

Try these three quick tips to improve your study habits, to retain more information and ultimately achieve better results in your studies.

Student blog: What it's like to study in a multicultural city like Brisbane

"Apart from perfect, there is no better way to describe Brisbane as a welcoming multicultural destination." Brisbane International Student Ambassador Celeste discusses how this has impacted her studies in Brisbane.

21 places to find student accommodation in Brisbane

We've rounded up the best websites to help you find student accommodation in Brisbane.

Student Blog: Taking care of your mental health while studying abroad

Studying overseas is a great opportunity but it can also lead to some significant personal challenges. Student Ambassador Carolina offers tips on taking care of your mental health while studying abroad.