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Student blog: how to write a good essay

Writing a good university essay is a daunting task for international students who speak English as a second language. Student ambassador Boon has some tips on how to make your experience of writing an essay in English less stressful.

Student blog: 7 quick tips to stay productive when you study online

Student ambassador Ria shared her favourite tips to successfully adjust to online classes. From getting tech-ready to avoiding distractions, these are the areas to consider to set yourself up for success.

Goodbye 2019 Brisbane International Student Ambassadors, and Thank You

Our 2019 Brisbane International Student Ambassadors recently put an end to an amazing year of sharing their studies and promoting Brisbane to the world. Let's take a look back on the hightlights of their year.

How can international students succeed locally – a Brisbane graduate’s advice

International students often face difficulties when it comes to finding the perfect local job. Former ambassador Weng Hoang shared his insights into how we could tap into local job market effectively - by being proactive, different, and better.

7 simple ways to get back to study mode after the holiday

The struggle is real. After a long holiday, it's difficult to adjust to uni life again. Fear not, we have some simple tips on how to reset your body and mind to help you get back to study mode.

Student blog: most Instagrammable places in Brisbane

With 300 days of sunshine every year, a dazzling night life and a number of vantage points, you never have to worry about your Instagram feed again when you study in Brisbane. Student ambassador Ameya has picked 8 of his favourite places.

Student blog: repeat after me - tricks to improve your English

After realising improving her English skills is vital to her career development, Claudia decided to take the leap and study English in Brisbane. She has made great progress since - let's hear some tips!

Student blog: what it’s like to study a VET course in Brisbane

What makes VET study unique for international students? What are the potential career opportunities for VET students? Rajani, who studies anaesthetic technology at TAFE Queensland, has the answers for you.

Student blog: the sky is the limit - why I chose Brisbane to study aviation

Student ambassador Rachel has always aspired to become a pilot. Studying a Bachelor of Aviation at USQ allowed her to see and experience the aviation industry first-hand by flying in some of the world-class flight simulators, and it's only the beginning of her dream journey.

Student blog: where to get your caffeine fix in Brisbane

When it comes to good coffee, Brisbane knows its stuff. Student ambassador Karen picked her 10 favourite coffee spots in Brisbane - you can't go wrong with this list!