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Jazz Music Institute

Jazz Music Institute

JMI is the hub of jazz education and performance in Australia. JMI is committed to providing high-quality and holistic jazz education programs of an international standard, focused on performance. If you are serious about studying music, JMI is the place for you. Studying at JMI will make you a flexible, skillful and creative all-round musician. 

JMI’s Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance is a unique course – the only one of its kind in Australia. It is also the only course that has been endorsed publicly by Grammy award winning artist Wynton Marsalis who stated, "They’re creating a revolution in jazz… I wish most schools in America would approach jazz education with the same level of seriousness… if you’re serious about jazz, I recommend studying at the Jazz Music Institute."

Given a rating of over 95% for overall quality of learning experience in the Quality Indicators of Teaching and Learning national survey (the national average is below 80%), JMI provides the ultimate student experience through a more personalised approach than any other music course. JMI’s faculty is amongst the finest in the country, featuring National Jazz Award winners and finalists, Freedman Fellowship winners and nationally acclaimed jazz performers and educators.

Find out more at: www.jazz.qld.edu.au