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Malik Awais (Pakistan)


Hello. I’m Malik from Kashmir, a place you might know only for the real Paradise on earth. I come from another absolutely unique and beautiful region of Kashmir, named Neelum Valley. Now I’m studying dual degree at Griffith University majoring in Information Systems and Entrepreneurship. Well, there's heaps of reason why I choose to study in Brisbane some of them are pretty obvious to mentioned here. Basically, I wanted to secure a globally-recognised education, access to world-class facilities, and memorable international student experiences. Apart from that daily sunshine, food culture and relaxed lifestyle that everybody enjoys fascinated me by choosing study in Brisbane; I have an exciting chance to enjoy creative freedom and a very high quality of life. I’m always keen to try new types of food, explore new places and cultures. My favourite place is The West end it’s wonderful for a meal and drinks. It's worth a look.

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