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Engolberth Joshua (Papua New Guinea)

2018 Brisbane International Student Ambassador

Hi my name is Engolberth Joshua. I am from Papua New Guinea from a small town located in the centre of the county called Kainantu, which separates the Highlands from the coastal areas. I've been in Brisbane for more than 18 months. I'm currently doing my Advanced Diploma in Leadership Management at Charlton Brown College. Ever since I moved over to Brisbane, it has been nothing but like a roller coaster which is always going up, with all the events and activities going on within the city and around. The environment and people are friendly, making tourists, travelers or international students like me feel more welcomed and right at home. Brisbane is a great city to visit, travel, study or live in. Because I am having a great time here, I want you to experience the same thing as well..

My favourite thing about Brisbane is...
My favourite thing about Brisbane would be the weather.

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