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Léa Laï Van (New Caledonia)

2018 Brisbane International Student Ambassador

Bonjour, I'm Léa Laï Van! I am 19 years old and was born and raised in a wonderful tropical French island called New Caledonia. I lived in the capital city: Nouméa. I'm half French and half Vietnamese. I'm currently in my 3rd year of my Bachelor of Information Technology at the University of Queensland. I moved to Brisbane in 2016 and live on campus at the International House College since then! It has been the best years of my life! I traveled throughout most of my school years, from grade 5 to grade 12 for Table Tennis. I represented my island as well as the Oceania Continent at many World Championships and other international competitions. I also love kitesurfing and wakeboarding during my free time.

My favourite thing about Brisbane is...
The sun, the outdoor activities, open-minded people and the diversity.

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