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Stephanie Casas (Philippines)

2018 Brisbane International Student Ambassador

Hey there! I am Stephanie from Manila city, a part of what composes the 7,107 islands in the Philippines. I am currently a first year student taking up a post-graduate program called Master in Social Work at the Australian Catholic University. I usually hang out in cafés because of the great culture and at the same time it fuels up my productivity for school. You may also find me playing at a basketball court or running at the pathway beside the river. On somedays I might be staring at the city scape or meditating in a park. I like to keep myself holistically healthy so I can enjoy life. I love Brisbane because it naturally enables you to be the best version of yourself with what it has to offer.!

My favourite thing about Brisbane is...
It's an urban city that's well immersed with its natural environment.

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