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Ha Ean Lee (South Korea)

Grace Lee

Hello everyone! My name is Ha Ean Lee (Grace) and I am from Daejeon, South Korea. I am an exchange student from Seoul National University and I am pursuing a Master Degree of Educational Studies at The University of Queensland. I have an interesting story how I came to study in Brisbane. After watching 2000 Olympics, I told my mom and dad that I wish I could go to Australia. That's how I came to Brisbane when I was 10 years old. My studying experience in Brisbane encouraged me to have a big dream towards a global world. After 15 years, I came here again to study further for my master degree. My dream is to become an Educational Specialist in the United Nations! I want to share with people how studying in Brisbane can make a dream come true!

My favourite things about Brisbane are...

Swimming under the Brissie sunshine. The student-centered learning and teachers being your supporter and facilitator.

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