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Arawinkumaar Selvakkumar (Malaysia)

Arawinkumaar Selvakkumar

Hello! I’m Arawin from Subang Jaya, Malaysia, the home of the aromatic nasi-lemak and the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers. I’m pursuing a Master's Degree in Information Technology majoring in Cyber-security and Networks at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). 

I enjoy capturing stunning videos and photographs of Brissy’s parks, beaches, architecture and food. When I'm not in front of the computer, I enjoy listening to hip-hop, pop and R&B music, playing board games like UNO and Exploding Kittens and volunteering in and out of university. I'm keen on meeting with people from all over the world and embarking on exciting adventures. 

I'm excited to share my experiences with all of you and possibly make Brisbane your second home. If you are looking for a friendly community, a beautiful environment, a fresh start, and a safe place, Brisbane is the place for you. Welcome to Brisvegas!

My favourite things about Brisbane are:

The high-quality education, scenic views, diverse groups of people, casual work environment, volunteering opportunities, friendly networking groups and activities for everyone all day long.

The languages I speak:

English and Malay

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