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Chu Wai Yin (Hong Kong)

Chu Wai Yin

Nei Hou! (It means Hi! in Cantonese) I am Stephanie Chu. I am from Hong Kong, the international hub for tourism and business well known for its magnificent harbour views and amazing food. I am a second-year student at The University of Queensland studying a Bachelor of Communications. I came to Brisbane to pursue my studies in public relations and digital media because Brisbane is known for its high quality and professional education.

I find it’s easy to settle into Brisbane's environment and community. People here are so lovely and friendly, which makes you feel like you’re at home. Brisbane provides a variety of activities for me to network with friends and stay outdoors in the fantastic weather! 

My favourite things about Brisbane are:

Delicious brunch options, fantastic places for road trips and a great education structure for flexible studying.

The languages I speak:

Cantonese, Mandarin, English

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