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Khalifa Al Mandhari (Oman)

Khalifa Al Mandhari

My name is Khalifa. I was born in Zanzibar island in Tanzania, but my heritage is drawn from the Sultanate of Oman. I lived for 13 years in Tanzania and then moved back to Oman and lived there for seven years before I came to Australia for my bachelor’s degree. Therefore, I speak three languages - Arabic, Swahili and English. I'm also trying to learn Spanish. 

I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in Government and International Relations at Griffith University. I'm very passionate about reading, visiting museums and historical sites as well as getting to explore new cultures. Usually, in my free time, I play soccer or run for long distances. I also love walking at late nights alone as a form of meditation.

My favourite things about Brisbane are...

High-quality education and endless destinations to explore in and around Brisbane.

The languages I speak:

Arabic, Swahili, English

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