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Komang Thrisya Deviana Mustika (Indonesia)

Komang Thrisya Deviana Mustika

Halo! My name is Thrisya Deviana and I’m from Bali, Indonesia, a small beautiful island and one of the country’s most popular vacation destinations. I’m currently a student at TAFE Queensland studying a Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management. I like to explore different places and make friends from different backgrounds.

I love studying and living in Brisbane, the people are very friendly, and the environment is relaxing and safe. I’m so grateful that I can get a chance to live in this beautiful and diverse city. In Brisbane, people can do a lot of things, from exploring nature and enjoying a variety of attractions. I’m so excited to explore and share more stories about Brisbane!

My favourite things about Brisbane are...

Excellent public transportation, safety and free public facilities.

The languages I speak:

Indonesian, English

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