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Minh Quang Le (Vietnam)

Minh Quang Le

Xin chào! My name is Minh and I am from Hanoi, Vietnam. I came to Brisbane in 2018 to study a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition at The University of Queensland. I love playing basketball, the guitar and learning German. Brisbane has opened doors to opportunities that allow me to do what I like. I want to explore new things, travel to see places and make lots of good memories.

What I like most about Brisbane is the work-life balance here, which allows me to work and participate in many sporting and cultural events while staying on top of my studying. I am thrilled and grateful to be one of the International Student Ambassadors representing my own country in Brisbane. The journey ahead is full of wonder and I can't wait to embrace it.

Feel free to reach out and have a chat with me about Brisbane!

My favourite things about Brisbane are:

People are very friendly and compassionate, and there is always something out there to learn. There are so many good restaurants with cuisine from around the world to satisfy my inner foodie. And worry not, there are a range of competitive and social sports and exercises around here to keep me in shape!

The languages I speak:

Vietnamese, English

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