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Mohammed Hishaam (India)

Mohammed Hishaam

Hello! My name is Mohammed Hishaam. I am from a State down under the map of India which is nicknamed as 'Gods own country' despite being a State. For those who haven't guessed it yet, I am from Kerala. Kerala is a State known for its tourism, hospitality and picturesque backdrops but I never would have guessed that I could find another home when I left India.

As a student pursuing a master's in business majoring in Supply Chain and Marketing at Griffith University, I was privileged enough to see the real essence of Brisbane, its cultural heritage and diversity. Life in Brisbane makes me feel like every day is an adventure and not a single day in this city failed to surprise me and I cannot wait to be a part of the Ambassador family so that I can venture out and gain new experiences which I can cherish and share for a lifetime.

My favourite things about Brisbane are:

It's a safe and welcoming city with world-class education providers.

The languages I speak:

Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, English

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