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Queena Jiang (China)

Queena Jiang

Hi everyone! My name is Queena Jiang and I am from Jinan, China. A small city which is famous for its natural springs. I am currently studying at St. Margaret’s Anglican Girl School as a Year 11 boarder. This is the first time I have studied in a boarding school and aboard. At first, I did feel lonely and homesick, but all the students and teachers are nice and friendly, they make me feel like I am at home. I have learnt a lot from being away from home and out of my comfort zone. Brisbane is a nice city. It has beautiful scenery and friendly people which can make your study experiences more colourful and unique. I am happy that I have the opportunity of studying in Brisbane.

My favourite things about Brisbane are:

Hanging out with my friends during the weekends, exploring the beauty of the sea, trying variety of local food.