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Rui Tzu Wu (Taiwan)

Rui Tzu Wu

Hi!  I am from Taiwan, where people are famous for their friendly culture and passion for food – from street snacks to award-winning artisans.

I have travelled through many places in Europe, Asia and Australia, living with locals and immersing myself in different cultures. During my travels, I have come to understand being a pâtissier can deliver a sweet and savoury delight to the people around me. 

Le Cordon Bleu has brought me back to Brisbane where I am on track to finish an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management at the end of this year. During the past eighteen months of study at Le Cordon Bleu, I have completely fallen in love with the career I have chosen. I have not only witnessed my progress learning the secrets of pastry but also developed a hunger to chase finer culinary skills.

My favourite things about Brisbane are:

Jogging or riding my bike along the Brisbane River, discover the best fishing spots in Brisbane, and the fantastic weather and lifestyle.

The languages I speak:

Mandarin Chinese, English

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