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Sara Rakhmetova (Kazakhstan)

Sara Rakhmetova

Salem, Salem! Greetings from Kazakhstan! Two years ago I travelled 40 hours from my home city Almaty to Brisbane so that I can pursue an undergraduate degree in commerce at Griffith University. Now, Australia has become my second home and a land where I have grown far more than expected. I started modelling, practising skateboarding, learned new languages, found my first part-time job, tried new cuisines, enrolled in dancing classes and met all kinds of people from different cultural backgrounds. I am determined to broaden my horizons further and I am thrilled to be able to share and encourage others to join this journey with me as a Brisbane International  Student Ambassador! 

My favourite things about Brisbane are:

Social life, warm climate, urbanisation, cultural diversity, high-quality industry professionals, and a conscious awareness towards mental health.

The languages I speak:

Russian, Kazakh, English

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