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Xiaoyue Hu (China)

Xiaoyue Hu

Hello there! My name is Xiaoyue Hu (Giselle), and I'm from Xi'an, China, a historic city with the well-known Terracotta Warriors. I'm studying a Bachelor of Entertainment Business Management at JMC Academy. I'm passionate about representing artists to achieve their full potential and I'm interested in charity works that range from animals' well being, environment and international NGOs.

I love the coffee culture here. I was trained as a barista and going cafe hunting in Brisbane with my friends is always one of the most exciting experiences. Brisbane always impresses me with its uniqueness, a city with a mild climate, diverse culture and vibrant atmosphere. I enjoy making new friends and can't wait to share my stories with you!

My favourite things about Brisbane are:

The opportunity to meet friends from various cultural backgrounds, a climate that allows me to explore and enjoy nature as much as possible.

The languages I speak:

Mandarin Chinese, English

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