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Aspiring to be a Global Citizen: Debbie Lee-Sørensen

Ocean Cheung

By Debbie Lee-Sørensen

After her studies in Brisbane, Debbie now works at Mercuri Urval in Copenhagen, Denmark as part of their Strategic Accounts team, working with their biggest clients across the world.

Debbie Lee-Sørensen


Debbie Lee-Sørensen



Degree and institution: 

Bachelor of International Business, majoring in Japanese Studies at Griffith University 

Current Career:

Debbie’s role at Mercuri Urval includes Talent Advisory Consultancy as part of their Denmark and UK team, being a Program and Project Director for Talent Advisory, Leadership Development for Organisational Development and being the Leadership Capability Review Program Manager.

Brisbane in a sentence:

“I have never lived in a city as open, accepting, truly international and full of opportunities as Brisbane.”

Debbie’s Brisbane journey:

Studying in Brisbane set me up perfectly to carry out my current role at Mercuri Urval, largely because of the diverse and inclusive environment I experienced at Griffith University, which prepared me for a life in an international work environment.

Studying in Brisbane offered me plenty of opportunities to engage and involve myself in local communities, as well as providing me with valuable knowledge, experiences and a strong network which I have continued to utilise over the course of my career.

Debbie Lee student ambassador

Moving to another country can be a very daunting experience, but I consider myself very lucky that Brisbane has such a sunny outlook on life, which helped me settle into somewhere different and concentrate on my studies. 

“I was welcomed to Brisbane with open arms”

I was welcomed to Brisbane with open arms, which made it possible for me to push myself in becoming independent and adaptable - traits that have proven to be useful both on a personal and work-life perspective.

This is in part thanks to my International Business degree at Griffith University, where I learnt valuable skills from passionate experts that I utilise in my daily work, such as negotiation, politics, marketing, economics and most importantly, international relations.

Debbie Lee Sorenson

Through my degree, I also had the opportunity to do an international exchange program to Tokyo, Japan for one semester, which was made possible by the support from Griffith International Office staff and was a valuable addition to my Japanese major. 

“The Brisbane lifestyle is second to none”

After finishing up my studies in Brisbane, I have come to miss the fantastic weather, hanging out by the river of Kangaroo Points and South Banks many lush green parks – the Brisbane lifestyle is second to none. 

Debbie Lee

I feel blessed to have made many lifelong friends from my time in Brisbane - I have never lived in a city as open, accepting, truly international and full of opportunities as Brisbane. 

It’s no exaggeration to say the peak of my life so far was spent in Brisbane. For any student looking at studying abroad and with the aspiration of being a global citizen, Brisbane will definitely kick start that journey for you.

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